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Evelyne Richer

Formerly from Montreal and Toronto, Grey County artist Evelyne Richer has brought her mix of urban and rural sensibilities to the forefront with vibrant and noisy works in an abstract, gestural and impressionistic style. Never one to shy away from bold statements her drive to explore her preferred medium takes her from painting in acrylics to installations in wood and copper to monotype printing and collage.
Location and the colour of light inform her work as seen in the paintings she has brought back in recent years from her studio in the southwest of the US which sometimes either contrast or fall into step with the works from her Markdale studio.
It is not about one direction for her it is about the ability to find within one or a series of works the defining gesture, the perfect mark or the shade of colour that tells it all until the next work leads to a newer more exploratory path.
Her works have been shown at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, the Orillia Museum of Art and History among others.

Some of the works below are a part of the Hills Collection, and are not currently hanging in the gallery but can be view them in one of the four apartments at Hills. If you are interested in viewing a piece in person, please contact us in advance of your visit.

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