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Marie Bohm

Marie Bohm has been a working and exhibiting artist since 1995.

Exhibiting at Museum London, Gibson Gallery and Thielson Gallery in the ‘90s Marie worked at the Visual Arts Department at Western University in the late 90s as technical staff.

Marie’s focused shifted from exhibiting to running design firm from 2000-10. During that time period she began working in glass and mixed media and selling work with Toronto’s Petroff Gallery.

Her commissions since 2010 have included work for: SickKids Foundation, RBC, Foundation Western, Farhi Holdings, Design Matrix, with repeated commissions for Interior Designers of Canada, London District Construction Association, Prologue for the Performing Arts and the City of Vaughan.

A graduate of OCAD-U and Western University, Marie combines her passions for materials, the landscape and the human form.

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