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Craig Gallery 2024

We have gotten off to a bit of a slow start to 2024, but we are busy shaking off those January blahs and planning some exciting things for the coming year.

Two of which we want to tell you about below:  

Meaford is turning 150 this year and...

We have a few cool things planned to celebrate the sesquicentennial, but right now we want to announce a group art show for the month of June!
The actual artist call-out will happen in March and the deadline to submit will be mid-May, but we are announcing this early so artists have some time to create! The theme will be "Art of Meaford." The show will be open to any artist, but the artwork must depict Meaford, the Meaford area, Meaford residents or be inspired by Meaford. We are open to digital art and abstract work (if it comes with a clear description of how this area inspired it), but we will not be accepting photography for this particular show (we may do something involving photography later in the year). Full submission info will be available in March!

Meaford Art Tour 2024

We got a ton of great feedback from both artists who hosted an open studio and visitors to this year's Meaford Art Tour, which consisted of a few open studios as well as our gallery and the galleries at Meaford Hall the weekend before Thanksgiving.
We plan to do it again, but instead of throwing something together at the last minute, we are working to organize it much further in advance. If you are an artist who would like to participate (even if you don't have a studio space you would like to open up) please email:

More announcements coming...


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